Red Dragon Electric Cigarette Review takes a look at the Red Dragon electronic cigarette.  This offering is actually a “mini” e-cigarette which replicates the size of an actual cigarette. I would have to say that the overall look is neat especially when you have electronic cigarettes in the market at a considerably bigger size which proves inconvenience as well as unwanted attention. The Red Dragon Electronic Cigarette is so far the smallest “mini” e-cigarette I have seen out in the market thus far.

Red Dragon Products have proven its mini e-cigarette to be different with a new atomizer built within each cigarette refill cartridge. This new in built atomizer allows for a much healthier way of enjoying a smoke without drastically negatively impacting your health!

What you get
The starter kit contains 2 mini electronic cigarettes (with lithium batteries), 1 USB wall adapter, 1 USB charger, 5 nicotine cartridges and an instruction manual.
The flavors and strength of the nicotine cartridges can be chosen by the buyer which is the upside especially when other companies tend to give a set amount of flavors without the customer’s choice especially when it comes in a kit format. There are 6 initial stocked flavors however if you special order, there are up to 25 flavors which gives every e-cigarette smoker a wide variety of flavors and tastes to explore.

The Price found a price for this e-cig to be in the range of $39.95-$79.95, the Red Dragon mini electronic cigarette starter kit seemed a little too expensive. However after doing some math and breaking down the costs, I realized that the Red Dragon electronic cigarette was at an extremely good value for several reasons.

1.The atomizer is built in each cartridge. This simple means that by screwing an already given cartridge into the two provided electronic cigarettes, I could already smoke a good 2 rounds of enjoyment. There is also an added feature of a “bonus” cartridge making this 8 piece kit a 9 piece one!

2.You never have to worry about replacing the atomizer. This is extremely convenient by just switching the cartridges without the infusion of leftover flavors. It saves both time and the cleaning out process!

Overall the Red Dragon is definitely a recommendable electronic cigarette. Not to mention, a 1 year warranty is provided for by Red Dragon Products, LLC which is an amazing deal especially for an electronic cigarette with a better bargain of a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your product. There is absolutely no loss here for the buyer especially when you get to try out your newly purchased product to find out whether it is suitable for you before you even dedicate into purchasing it for a lifetime!

Style and Extra Features
The battery finish on this mini electronic cigarette is attractive with gold bands all along the white body. The Red Dragon logo on the battery also looks good and goes well with the style.
The only battery color available for this mini electronic cigarette is the white with gold bands, but the cartridges are stocked in either white or gold and can be special ordered in green or brown.
The Red Dragon web site is currently advertising “Dragon Skins” as a style feature that is coming soon. There is no word when these will be available, but I am assuming the dragon skins will basically be a sticker that can be applied to the battery.
The battery does have an orange tip and is not offered in any other colors but the unique thing about this mini electronic cigarette is that when the tip lights up it has the company logo (a dragon’s eye) super imposed kind of like the bat signal at the end of your cigarette which everyone I showed thought was pretty cool.
The other nice feature found about the Red Dragon mini electronic cigarette is the carrying case. It is compact, comes in several colors and protects your investment.
Despite the fact the carrying case doesn’t have form fitting foam it is still snug enough that the mini electronic cigarette doesn’t slide around inside at all.