LUCI Electronic Cigarette Review

If you find yourself, like me, looking for an affordable and fantastic quality electronic cigarette, than the LUCI Electronic Cigarette is the way to go. It is one of the most popular brands currently available on the market and is well worth every penny. The low and reasonable starting price for the starter package includes two rechargeable batteries, an atomizer, the home charging kit, as well as five different flavored LUCI cartridges. The nicotine based cartridges have four different flavors available including cherry, coffee, tobacco, and menthol. The basic starter is not the only kit available. There is also the extender starter kit and the complete starter kits available. The only difference is the number of refill cartridges that are available in each package, along with the slightly higher cost.

All in all I was very pleasantly surprised with the LUCI Electronic Cigarette. Both the length and the girth of the cigarette overall is the closest in actual comparison to a traditional cigarette that I have actually found. When I placed my order, the shipping was also super amazing! The LUCI Electronic Cigarette arrived in less than a week from the moment I placed my order. When I opened it, the battery (I was happy to find!) was almost completely charged and I was able to start using it immediately.

The vapor, as many people prefer in high volume, was very comparable to a traditional cigarette. The solid construction of the LUCI Electronic Cigarette also provided a very chic appearance. It is very sturdy and I have had zero issues with it falling apart.

My favorite part of the LUCI Electronic Cigarette is the built in nicotine chip! After a period of time this little chip limits and then all together stops the electronic cigarette from distributing any more nicotine! This is awesome as you can still continue to puff away at the LUCI Electronic Cigarette until the cartridge is completely gone.

At the end of your puffing session, many people have the habit of “putting out” the LUCI Electronic Cigarette as it is meant to be. While it is difficult for beginners to remember, the electronic cigarette has an excellent safe guard built in as a chip to prevent anything bad from happening. Safety first with the LUCI Electronic Cigarette!

My overall experience with the LUCI Electronic Cigarette is fantastic, and I find I would recommend this to any family member, friend, or just somebody who is looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes.