Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

From start to finish, the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is by far a favorite of many people. It is often the choice for personal use on a regular basis. readers who have tried the Green Smoke electronic cigarette know that the inventors have managed to create a perfect compilation for a solid product, as well as supporting not only the product by those who purchase it as well. While it may be a little pricier than some of the alternatives available, the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is definitely a “get what you pay for” product. Great product, great services.

Overall there are eight different flavors to choose from, two sizes of batteries, five differing levels of nicotine, three different chargers, as well as a direct plug in cartridge holder that you can use in any USB port. The chargers it comes with are for the car, home, and the computer as well. No matter where you are you can always charge up your Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette. This is the most cutting edge cigarette alternative on the market!

The start kit comes in a wide variety of different kits for starting, all at affordable prices. The most commonly sought after package is the basic starter kit. This comes with the manual, a membership card, a wall charger, a USB Charger, and two batteries as well as a sampler of different flavors that the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette offers!

The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is even more convenient to use than a traditional cigarette. There is no lighter necessary! But in all honesty, the two piece design with screw on cartridges, the large quantity of chargers, and the automatic “hit” component with the lighted tip proves that the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette was designed for the most easy use possible.

The shipping and service when receiving my Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette was fantastic. The same day I placed my order it was shipped! Not only that, when I placed orders for the refill cartridges, they have all shipped on the same day or immediately the next day. All of this combined with the 30 day guarantee, you are set for life. They have fantastic customer service according to most visitors. There has only been one instance where I needed to contact customer service. I placed an order for the wrong flavor. I spoke to an actual representative, they found my order, changed it quickly, and I received the flavor I wanted.

The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is by far the best option out there for any and all looking for traditional cigarette alternatives.