Quit Smoking

Welcome to KickTheButt.com, a leading website in the fight against nicotine addiction.  If you need help to quit smoking please take a moment to browse through the pages on KickTheButt.com.  You may find just the right advice or tips you need in your struggle to kick the butt once and for all.  If you cannot quit cold turkey you may discover healthier alternatives like nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, and gums.

Quit Smoking to Lead a Happier Life
Quitting smoking can result in a happier, healthier life. Surveys show that many smokers want to give up this dangerous habit. Some of them fail at quitting and some succeed, but the bottom line is that individuals can live longer by quitting this habit. When a person stops smoking, the body starts driving out nicotine and tar from tissues immediately. It takes several weeks to give up the habit entirely, but quitting can allow an individual to live for many more years. To be able to stop smoking, people must seriously consider the various harmful effects not only on their own bodies but also on their families.

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Convince People
It is better to stop smoking as soon as possible. In any case, smokers must quit the habit once they become sick. Studies show that the human body is capable of repairing itself after a person stops smoking. It takes only about three months to quit the addiction. Use e-Cigarettes or alternatives like Caffeine gum to help ease the transition. Smoker’s relatives and friends need to collectively make efforts to stop smoking habits. It is important to convince people logically, by citing evidence. So stop smoking and choose life.